What is a Money Frog?

Where I live there is a strong influence of the Chinese culture.  Many years ago at a local swap meet I came across a booth with many ugly three legged toads perched on a bed of coins.

I have seen these frogs at Chinese restaurants but I was curious what the story was behind these ugly frogs.

The woman at the booth told me the money frog is part of feng shui and has deep symbolic roots.  The money frog is a mythical creature that is said to attract wealth and abundance.  When she said this I had to have one for myself.   Moving forward every new job or business I started, I would put my money frog near the “money area” or close to the front door.  I have been successful in life and the money frog has been a close companion on my journey of prosperity.

What is important to “unlock” the power of the money frog is to have a connection with it and to create positive feng shui in your home or place of business.

Tips for properly placing your money frog is to place it close to the main door, but to have it face it away from the entrance.  The abundance and wealth will leave right out of the door so instead have it face your money and success.  Most of the time I have it pointing at my desk.

I place my money frog on my desk or somewhere nearby with respect.  Do not place on the floor or bury it with files and papers.

Just remember that feng shui is about harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.  I love my money frog and encourage you to consider adding this mythical creature to your adventures in growing wealth.



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